Licky The Lizard

In Licky The Lizard, author Melissa Henderson offers parents, teachers, grandparents, and educators a tale that teaches young children a simple, yet important message: There is no need to fear any of God's creatures because we are all created by Him - He Loves us all.

Licky The Lizard

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Jessie’s Hope by Jennifer Hallmark


I am so excited to share about Jennifer Hallmark and her new story, “Jessie’s Hope”.

“Jessie’s Hope” is a sweet story of finding love, trust and forgiveness after tragedy. With Jessie’s life different due to an accident in the past, can she find love and happiness? Will limitations cause her to lose hope? Author Jennifer Hallmark draws the reader into the story with heartfelt emotions. The characters face situations that cause them to consider how to handle life and what has happened. This is a heartwarming story that I enjoyed very much.

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Look at these interesting tidbits from Jennifer Hallmark.

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