Grumpy the Gator

In Grumpy the Gator, a group of children playing encounter a grumpy alligator. The story teaches children to always keep a safe distance from animals in the wild, and to find an adult if they see an alligator.

Grumpy the Gator

Its Always A Story With The Hendersons

The case of the missing toy sheet…

I have been known to misplace items only to find the particular item right in front of me or somewhere close by. I always like to know where certain things are located.
Recently, some of our family from Virginia came for a visit. We enjoyed having Ashley, Daniel, Peyton, Paige and Ryder here with us. Loads of fun and laughter. Visiting the neighborhood pool, taking walks to the playground, dining at interesting restaurants and of course, bringing out a plastic tub of toys to explore.
The plastic tub in the closet is full of Lego from Alan’s childhood and from the childhood of our son, Mike. We will be saving all these great items for our grandson Rowan to explore and create things. I am sure Christine and Mike will appreciate us keeping the little pieces here at our house for now. πŸ™‚
Finding interesting sizes of Lego and thinking of what to build with the pieces was exciting! But, it was too hard to know exactly what was in the tub unless we dumped everything out on the floor. No problem. Let’s get a bed sheet, lay it out on the floor and dump the tub.
A wonderful idea! That way, everyone could see the hundreds and hundreds of pieces and choose what they wanted and use their imagination to create unique buildings, cars, horse jumps and more. We loved choosing pieces and having everything spread out on the sheet on the floor.
Alas, the time came for the visitors to head back to Virginia. What terrific house guests! When I went upstairs to see if they had left anything behind, they had cleaned up so well that it didn’t appear anyone had visited! Alan and I missed them already.
As days went by, a thought entered my mind. Where is the sheet we used for the toys? Wonder if they placed the sheet in the tub with the toys? Hmmm….. I checked and no sheet was found.
Looking in closets and even in the laundry hamper, I was determined to locate the toy sheet. Not that I needed the sheet, just wanted to know it’s location.
Time passed and I finally remembered to ask Ashley, “Hey, do you know what happened to the sheet we used for the toys?” Replying she didn’t know the answer but would check to see if the sheet mysteriously went back to Virginia with them, I waited to see if maybe, just maybe the sheet would be at their home. Could it be as they were cleaning Β so well, the sheet was placed with their items to go home?
A while later, I received the funniest text accompanied by a hilarious photo. Daniel(the Dad) and Paige( 10 years old) were making funny faces and pointing to the folded up sheet. They sent a message saying “Woopsie! We stole your sheet!”
I laughed so hard when I saw their message on my phone. Our family is a lot of fun. We laugh together, we cry together and we support and encourage each other. Most definitely we love each other and some of us even clean so well that extra items get packed away unexpectedly.
Yes, everyone, the case of the missing sheet is solved.
God gives us various kinds of joy every day. Do you have any funny family stories? Share with us and enjoy the laughter.

  • Edna Davidsen
    Posted at 14:07h, 23 April Reply

    Hi Melissa!
    I know that feeling. Although I’m better at organising things today, I have always been terrible at finding what I needed when I needed it. It was nice reading about your family and what you’ve all been up to. It sure sounds like a great family you have there.
    Enjoy your week!
    Edna Davidsen

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 14:10h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you for reading the message Edna. We sure do have a wonderful family. Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚

  • nancyehead
    Posted at 14:23h, 23 April Reply

    I love family stories that make us laugh. They cement our bonds and we can recall the humor and feel the bond again over the years. Great post! God bless!

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 14:27h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you for reading the post. Yes, those family experiences definitely bond us. Laughter is a wonderful blessing! πŸ™‚ Have a blessed week!

    • rocksolidfaithacademy
      Posted at 23:31h, 24 April Reply

      I love funny family stories. I am guilty of putting up important documents so well hidden that it usually takes weeks of searching to figure out where I hid them. Thanks for adding some laughter to my day.

      • mimionlife
        Posted at 23:37h, 24 April Reply

        Thank you for reading and commenting. πŸ™‚ I, too, sometimes hide important things so well that I forget where I put them. haha! Have a blessed week!

  • Mary Ellen Quigley
    Posted at 14:46h, 23 April Reply

    I love funny, family stories. Your family sounds like a lot of fun. What a great idea about the sheet, too. Nothing is worse than stepping on a Lego. Ouch!

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 14:51h, 23 April Reply

      Mary, we truly have a lot of laughter in our family. Sadness comes and goes and laughter is appreciated. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚

  • June Foster
    Posted at 14:48h, 23 April Reply

    Melissa, I totally understand how you feel. Items seem to take wings and fly away. Then later I remember that I put the thing in another place. In my case, it’s a matter of memory. My aging brain suffers from many senior moments.

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 14:51h, 23 April Reply

      June, I don’t know why I want to know where every item is located. Silly me. Just glad the toy sheet was found. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚

  • Jill Weatherholt
    Posted at 14:54h, 23 April Reply

    When things suddenly go missing we’re left scratching our head and wondering if we’re going crazy. This happens a lot in our house.πŸ˜‰

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 15:03h, 23 April Reply

      Jill, sounds like our house, too. haha!!! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚

  • Boma
    Posted at 17:30h, 23 April Reply

    Glad the case of the missing sheet is solved! We have to solve these kinds of cases at our house sometimes too; like the time someone left the keys in the house, locked up and went to church (the thing is, you can lock up without the keys, but you need them to get back inside) So the problem was, what do we do now! Thank God we found a way, and didn’t have to stay outside too long. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you.

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 22:00h, 23 April Reply

      Thanks for sharing your story about the keys. Sounds very familiar. haha! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed week! πŸ™‚

  • Tony Clark
    Posted at 05:05h, 24 April Reply

    Wonderful family story Melissa
    We are creatures that need to stay close to the ones we love, troubles don’t seem so bad when you have that kind of circle around you.

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 13:09h, 24 April Reply

      Amen Tony. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

  • Karen
    Posted at 05:38h, 24 April Reply

    Great story, Mimi! I still have my unsolved “case of the missing pair of shoes.” I’ve looked everywhere but they are not to be found. Boohoo

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 13:10h, 24 April Reply

      Karen, amazing how things mysteriously disappear. haha! Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy a wonderful, blessed day! πŸ™‚

  • Emily Saxe | To Unearth
    Posted at 14:18h, 24 April Reply

    I love how God gives us simple, wonderful reasons to have joy. Not everything is this emotional high, but He cares enough about our everyday lives to provide us with reasons to laugh and smile. Thanks for sharing this story!

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 15:18h, 24 April Reply

      I agree with you Emily. God cares for us and provides reasons to laugh. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day!

  • Annie Rim
    Posted at 17:58h, 24 April Reply

    I love this! Yes, these are the families we hope for – ones who laugh together and who can’t wait to spend time together. Loved this story!

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 19:55h, 24 April Reply

      Annie, our family loves to laugh together. We are blessed that we can laugh at our own mishaps. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

  • ordinarilyextraordinarymom
    Posted at 19:05h, 24 April Reply

    I love finding joy in the simple things. I searched the house all weekend only to uncover the a tape measure in my purse when I got to work on Monday. A good laugh is good for the soul.

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 19:56h, 24 April Reply

      Love that you finally found the tape measure. haha!! Finding joy in the simple things is such a blessing. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

  • Jeanne Takenaka
    Posted at 22:42h, 25 April Reply

    Aww, Melissa. Your family sounds like a ton of fun! We’ve got some of those kinds of family memories too. Our boys are frequently saying or doing something that cracks me up. And, my husband will join in on making some of the boys noises and indulging in boy humor. That has been fun to watch as my three guys relate in “guy-ways.” πŸ™‚

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 22:52h, 25 April Reply

      Jeanne, isn’t life fun when we can laugh at ourselves? Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

  • RobbyeFaye
    Posted at 13:55h, 26 April Reply

    I loved this!
    My problem is that throughout the year if I find a great sale (as in about 90% off) on something I know would be a great birthday or Christmas present, I will buy it. My problem is that I hide it so well I can’t find it when the occasion comes around. I have found things YEARS later, LOL. Hidden way behind things!
    Thanks for sharing, and for the chuckle!
    Have a great weekend!

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 14:08h, 26 April Reply

      OH my goodness!! My sister does the same thing. She always says, “I know I bought something for that occasion, but, I can’t find it now.” hahaha! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful, blessed day! πŸ™‚

      • RobbyeFaye
        Posted at 14:40h, 26 April Reply

        I’m glad I’m not the only one! It drives me crazy sometimes!!
        You are very welcome!
        Thank you!
        <3 <3

  • Sydney Meek
    Posted at 14:39h, 28 April Reply

    I love hearing family stories. It makes every post all the more relatable. I actually had to find my marriage license the other day, and still don’t remember where I put it because it’s so deeply hidden! Thanks for sharing this sweet reminder of the joys we can find in our everyday life.
    Sydney Meek |

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 14:50h, 28 April Reply

      Laughter is a wonderful blessing! Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a blessed weekend! πŸ™‚

  • Christy B
    Posted at 01:13h, 01 May Reply

    Haha that message with funny photo attached would have totally made me laugh out loud! The missing sheet mystery is solved πŸ˜€

    • mimionlife
      Posted at 13:30h, 01 May Reply

      Yes, that mystery is solved and now, we wait for the next mystery as I am sure there will be one. haha! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a blessed day!

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